Metiche Mezcal Salmiana 49


Mezcal Metiche 49 is produced by mezcalero Juan Manuel Pérez Juárez in Charcas, a town and municipality in the state of San Luis Potosí in central Mexico. Charcas is at an elevation of 6,627 feet. The agave Salmiana used in this mezcal grows for about 13 years on the high plateaus of San Luis Potosí. The soil, weather and excess rain, as well as the intensity of the sun in this region give the agave Salmiana and this mezcal unique and memorable flavors. Using production methods that haven’t changed since 1870, the agaves are cooked in stone ovens. The resulting spirit is soft, not smoked. At 98-proof, Mezcal Metiche 49 is a higher-proof version of Mezcal Metiche.

Crystalline color with silver sparkles, agave, citric, and herbal aromas with a touch of oregano, mint, and anise. Intense richness, yet not aggressive. Pleasant acidity that leaves a sense of freshness, long aftertaste, high viscosity, soft, sweet, and with mineral notes reminiscent of the soil of the potosiano plateau. Unsmoked.

49% abv

Title: 750 ml