1940 Tequila Campo Azul Blanco


Don Ricardo Lopez, born in 1940 and hailing from the highland region of Jesus Maria, Jalisco, inherited all his papi's knowledge of caring for and cultivating agave azul.

Tequila 1940 is made the old-fashioned way—agaves are cooked in masonry ovens for a full 30 hours of steamy goodness, with a 24-hour rest and an 18-hour cooldown. A unique yeast, exclusive to Casa Campo Azul, lends a special character to the slow natural fermentation process. Then, it's double distilled in stainless steel stills lined with copper, and aged in second-hand American white oak barrels that had only previously held tequila.

A bouquet of dusty earth, sugary agave with a whisper of lime and a mild jalapeño. Smooth and silky, mineral with a dash of lemon and a happy whisper of soil.

40% abv

Size: 750 ml