Akashi White Oak Blended Whiskey


Eigashima Shuzo, famed for its sake since the Edo period (1603-1868), is one of Japan's oldest whisky distilleries. The first to obtain their distillery license in 1919, they began making shochu and other spirits. Since 1984, they have been producing Akashi whiskies at their White Oak facility in the seaside town of Akashi, near Kobe. Today, they continue to produce sake, umeshu, and whisky. 

Akashi White Oak is a blended whisky reserved in Japanese Shochu cask (American Oak) for 3 years, aged in ex-bourbon casks before finishing in ex-sherry casks for 2 years. Malty, citrusy aroma with scents of black cherry, toffee and oak.

Tasting notes: Vanilla and pine nuts dominate the palate, and lead to a long, malty finish.

40% abv

Size: 750 ml