Bad Saint Palo Santo Smoked Single Malt Whiskey


100% Malted Barley smoked with Palo Santo. Aged 2.5 years.

Throughout South America, Palo Santo is used to purge bad spirits, cleanse a space, release blocks and reverse bad vibes. There's no mistaking it -- even in its cut, unburnt state - the wood is intensely aromatic with notes of fresh cut mint and vanilla.

Bad Saint, a whiskey thereof, a Palo Santo Smoked Single Malt. Floor malted and house smoked by Andrea Stanley at Valley Malt. Milled, mashed, fermented and double pot distilled at Matchbook where it rested for over 2 years in one of their ex Meta Wheated Bourbon casks built by Kelvin Cooperage.

48.5% abv

Size: 750 ml

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