Bax Botanics Lemon Verbena


Verbena is bright, botanical and bold. It’s refreshingly herbal forward profile will awaken your senses.

Bax Botanics is proudly designed by nature (literally, even their labels are made of sugar cane waste material)! They have used their expertise and deep experience in the world of botanicals to craft a beautifully complex and concentrated alcohol free spirit. While other alcohol-free spirits can miss the mark in terms of potency, Verbena manages to balance both delicate & powerful aromas and flavors.

Nose: clean, vibrant & fragrant bouquet, herbaceous notes of lemon thyme, mint & green tea

Palate: dry & zesty, distinguished lemon verbena, fresh mountain herbs, citrus, lemongrass, fennel, lighty floral with a long zingy finish

Conclusion: Verbena’s strength will shine through in any cocktail, all while welcoming you to a peaceful grassy & floral meadow

How to use: It is essential to try the classic Bax & Tonic (1 part Bax, 3 parts premium tonic) over ice with a curl of cucumber but plays well with many others. We particularly love a Bax Mojito.

0.0% abv

Size: 500 ml