Blingnova Corn Vodka



  • 750mL.
  • 30% ABV.


Suggested serve: Corwin Cooler, w/ Land of Muses Gin & Yuzu Sec


  Our citrus partners at Flavors by  Bhumi sourced for us organic fruit from California just days of the tree.  For those that have never seen 8000lbs of fruit all at once, it is wonder to behold.  For a week, day by day we halved the fruits and covered them in redistilled botanical cuts, the remnant spirits from making gin still loaded with flavor.  Left to macerate for weeks, the liquid slowly took on a delightful ruby tone and unmistakable bittersweet zing.  After straining and pressing we rested the liquid on precious herbs and spices from Rare Tea Cellar.

Quassia, pink peppercorns, cloud forest cardamom, gentian, Indian cinnamon bark & wild cherry bark, pairing perfectly with the juicy rich notes of blood orange and peel.  Elsewhere 3.0 is here and ready to stay.


Size: 750 ml