Bodkin Wines Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc


Alcohol laws dating back to prohibition make it difficult for small wineries to get their wines to people like you — Maker Wines is here to change that. Now you can enjoy award-winning wine from small producers.

Maker was started to offer premium wine sans the snobbery. To highlight interesting varietals crafted by award-winning small producers. To tell the story of the producer that hand crafted your wine. And to package up “wine for one” in earth-conscious cans. Because great stories—like great wines—are meant to be shared.

Light and bright with racy crispness and mischievous acidity — a beautiful, bone-dry sparkling wine from black-owned Bodkin Wines.

Chris Christensen is a proud 4th generation Iowan who went coastal for college, and stayed out west to become a self-taught, envelope-pushing vintner. He burst onto the wine scene in 2011 with Bodkin wines, where he’s known for being the first American to make a sparkling Sauvignon Blanc— and now it’s in a can. He was recently dubbed the “Bubbles Innovator” on Wine Enthusiast’s 40 under 40 Tastemaker list.

Read more about Chris Christensen here.

Size: 5 oz