Calamansi Marmalade


Picture this, limes & tangerines had a baby.

The citrus darling of Southeast Asia re-imagined for today. Our Calamansi Marmalade is crafted with real fruit and has zero artificial flavors & zero preservatives. This citrus spread boasts a strikingly tart flavor with touches of sweet, creating a unique citrus zing that’s perfect for lemon/lime-lovers, Sour Patch Kids fanatics and those who just love a little brightness in their dishes

This dime-sized fruit is also known as Calamondin and is synonymous & ubiquitous with Philippine Cuisine.

Flavor Profile
  • Tart
  • Sweet
  • Like limes & tangerines had a baby
  • Vibrant

    Ingredients: All-Natural Calamansi Extract, Cane Sugar, Apple Pectin. 
    About 6OZ / 170G, Vegan, Gluten-Free, No Artificial Flavors, No Preservatives

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