Candle + Clay Base


Slow-burn candles from La Vela Amaltea in San Miguel de Allende in 3 different heights for a gorgeous vignette. Each candle has its own ceramic base made by Naye and Oscar in Atzompa. These beautiful clay plates are the perfect match for your candles and are ready to be used as a base for them.

Bases size:Large: H: 1.5 W: 5.7 Small: H: 1.1 W: 4.5

This is Latin America was created by two Mexican souls aiming to show the greatness and uniqueness of artisanal made products from Latin America to the world. Having worked with hundreds of artisans all around Central America, This is Latin America creations are now available for the US with the great differentiator of having the products placed in the territory. You won’t wait long to receive the products in any corner of the US depending on quantity availability.