"Borrado" Bojo do Luar 2022


75% Vinhao and 25% Espadeiro are made in a mix of Amphora and steel. Juicy and fresh with a core of mineral-driven dark red and purple fruit with a strong grip. Perfect with a little chill, especially alongside something spicy.
During a trip to the Vinho Verde region, Savio met Fernando Paiva, a biodynamic producer experimenting with adding ground chestnut flowers to the grapes and must before fermentation. The parcels chosen include five red and five white grape varietals, located near the Tâmega river in the foothills of the Serra do Marão mountain range. These parcels have deep granitic soils and a prime south-south-western exposure. At the cellar, the destemmed grapes are moved to century-old “talhas” (amphoras) with a small percentage of whole clusters. As a stabilizer, 500g of ground chestnut-flower is added per ton of grapes before natural fermentation begins. A gentle punch-down is done twice a day to keep the cap soaked. The wine then remains in the amphoras with pellicular maceration until the fermentation is finished, varying in time depending on the grape varietal and vintage profile. Throughout the process, there is minimal

Size: 750 ml