Epoch Straight Rye Whiskey


The musician, the philosopher, and the anthropologist. They came together to express the art of Baltimore in spirits. The culture, the chorus, and the meaning.

The mashbill is 70% rye and 30% malted rye, distilled on a custom pot still modeled off of those at Lagavulin. The specific spirit cuts are even more like a single malt, making Epoch both a mashup of Maryland tradition and a nod to the earliest roots of whiskey-making.

The nose reveals malted rye, cinnamon-dusted cherry cookies, cocoa and bread dough; woody spice and vanilla cream. The palate is beefy, coating, creamy and balanced; melted chocolate chip, spices, pecan and cherry with a long finish of hot cocoa.

40% abv

Size: 750 ml