ETA? Rhodes Vineyard Rose 2022


Established in 2017, Subject to Change Wine Co. harnesses the unique agricultural beauty of Northern California and the art of natural winemaking. Alex Pomerantz's vision for the winery was born out of a passion for the region and the people who inhabit it.

Rhodes Vineyard is farmed by Richard Rhodes and his son Christian and is a treasure trove of old vines with Grenache planted in the 40s, Carignan in the 60s, and interplanted “younger” Merlot and Zinfandel vines. 

The ETA is a mid-weight rose, boasting aromas of wild strawberry, foraged raspberry, tree fruit, and green apple, and balanced by crisp acidity. It has a rustic, Provencal character, with a fuller body than typical Cotes de Provence wines. Organic grapes are vinified using natural methods.

 No fining, filtration or addition of SO2

Size: 750 ml