FERAGAIA is the moment you step off the path. A balanced blend of wild flavours. A complexity that invites you to pause. To reconnect. To appreciate the people around you and the ground beneath your feet. Distilled to be different. Here’s to your original free spirit.

The original free spirit combines pioneering innovation with the rich distilling heritage of Scotland. Made from 14 land & sea botanicals, its refreshing depth of flavour is a layered journey through wild earth. From the land, the freshness of lemon verbena and blackcurrant leaf brings with it a resilience for the ‘always on’ modern age.

From the sea, nutrient rich Sugar Kelp gives body and breadth whilst promoting inner renewal. Finishing with a length and depth from spiced botanicals like pink pepper corn, bringing a sense of grounding and calm.

0.0% ABV | Zero Sugar | Vegan | Gluten Free