"Free Your Mind Lite" Piquette 2021


Issamu Kamide and Andrew Lardy, are two high school friends seeking new directions in fermentation. They live in LA and make wines from all over California. They ride the wavelength from low intervention to high-innovation, making collaborative ideas come to life in funky new ways.
Piquette! An old school wine cooler of sorts, this is a low alcohol wine made from re-hydrating pressed grape pomace. Piquette was traditionally enjoyed as a mid-day thirst quencher on the farm. In order to take piquette from the farm to the market in a shelf-stable form, Wonderwerk had to bring some natural sources of acidity to the cuvee.
Enter ume (Japanese plum) from Nicholas Family Farms in the Central Valley and heirloom hibiscus sourced from several farms on the Oaxacan coast. Born of collaborative sourcing, recycled grape pomace and a home kitchen experimentation, Free Your Mind Lite is a product of the spirit of Los Angeles.

Size: 750 ml

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