Gentlemen's Old Fashioned Gift Box


The Gentleman's Old Fashioned Gift Box is a game-changer, making it the perfect gift for Warriors fans and Old Fashioned aficionados alike. With Steph Curry's premium Gentleman's Cut Bourbon as the star player and all the essential mix-ins and tools, this set is the ultimate win for anyone looking to elevate their cocktail game while showing some team spirit. Cheers to excellence, both on the court and in the glass!

What's Inside:

  • Gentleman's Cut Bourbon by Steph Curry: Four-time NBA champion Steph Curry brings you this premium bourbon, creating a smooth and complex base for an unparalleled Old Fashioned.

  • Cara Cara Orange Honest Bitters: Elevate your cocktail with a citrusy twist that adds both flavor and complexity.

  • Angostura Honest Bitters: The classic go-to for any Old Fashioned, providing depth and aromatic richness.

  • Golden Jigger: Measure like a pro with this elegant tool, making sure every Old Fashioned is made to perfection.

*Mini Steph not included. 

This expertly curated set is the ultimate gift for clients or for your own bar cart, blending sports excellence and cocktail craftsmanship in one luxurious package.

Heads up: Our curated items are from small-batch makers and from independent producers around the globe. Due to seasonal and availability changes, substitutions might occur. Rest assured it’s always just as delicious.

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