Happy Faces


2023 Mendocino Zinfandel Alc. 12% by Volume 750 ml.

Contains Only Naturally Occurring Sulfites

Produced and Bottled by Purity Wine, Richmond, CA

“Light, delicate and floral, words that aren't typically used to describe Zinfandel, but this wine wasn't built to be typical. It was picked early for freshness, tread by foot and macerated for only a few days. It was pressed long and slow so as not to promote strong and bitter tannins. Then, it was moved to a tank to complete fermentation. Once the ferment was done, the fresh wine was splash transferred to another tank.  Splashing helps release excessive carbon dioxide so that the wine doesn't come off as something sparkling. This Zin Is so good out the gate, but if there's leftovers, put the rest in the fridge and give it a day or two, it will be even better!  Think fresh crunchy cranberries and cherries, that's what ths wine tastes like, maybe add a bit of black pepper and a whil of something like..roses maybe? Doesn't matter, drink up before your friends beat you to it!!!” 

Size: 750ml