Hayden Harissa Mini Crackers


Hayden Flour Mills teamed up with their favorite Brooklyn-based spice company New York Shuk to bring you vibrant cracker flavors featuring their signature White Sonora, the oldest wheat variety in North America.

Harissa is a treasured heirloom spice blend with carefully sourced sun-dried chili peppers and delicate rose petals along with a special piquant spice blend for just the right amount of heat. Pairs well with aged gouda or marinated feta.

Jeff and Emma Zimmerman, a father-daughter duo, started Hayden Flour Mills in response to their desire to have flavorful and unmodified flour. Working with local farmers, they have re-introduced ancient and heritage grains into their products. By using a stone-milling technique, the most nutritious parts of the grain are retained for optimal tasty results.