Kally Rose Sparkler


Kally is an adult, non-alcoholic beverage made for sipping. Kally’s flavors balance acidity, tannins and sweetness to create a unique alcohol alternative.

The Rose Sparkler is dry, fruity, and complex. Hints of strawberry and hibiscus combine in this sophisticated sparkling wine alternative. The vibrant color of Rosé comes from using hibiscus flowers, which happily grow in the sun and heat of California. Beyond the rich color, the petals also release a tart berry flavor to Rosé, complementing the delicate sweetness of the strawberries that are also added to the drink. The first sip awakens the senses, with the bite of verjus and the complexity of layered flavors.

Pair with: Duck tagine, mussels, panna cotta, baby carrots and hummus, hot dogs on the grill, and strawberry rhubarb pie.

0% abv

Size: 750 ml

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