Lemon Lovers Gift Box


Lemon Lovers Gift Box: A zesty celebration for citrus aficionados, this delightful set is sure to tantalize the taste buds with its lemon-themed selections:

  • Mommenpop Meyer Lemon Aperitif: A vibrant and refreshing aperitif, bursting with the sweet and tangy essence of Meyer lemons.
  • Preserved Lemon Potato Chips: Crisp and savory with a unique lemon twist, these chips are a snacker's delight.
  • Limoncello: A classic Italian liqueur, smooth with an intense lemon flavor, perfect for sipping or in cocktails.
  • Orange and Yellow Plaid Card: Adds a bright, cheerful touch, perfect for personalizing this lemony gift.

Ideal for anyone who loves the fresh, invigorating taste of lemon, this gift box is a sunny treat for any occasion. 🍋🎁