Everwild Mabon Orange Wine 2022


Talia and Austin began their foray into winemaking a few years back as a hobby and respite from their day jobs in the film industry. What was initially thought to be a fun pastime quickly turned into a labor of love that required an immense amount of effort. Fortunately, their natural affinity for the art paid off, and they now have their own label at Richmond's renowned Purity Wines, owned by Noel Diaz.

Mabon 2022 is 30% Muscat and 70% Chardonnay from Redwood Valley near Ukiah. Some carbonic maceration for 2 weeks.  Native yeast fermentation. No additions, no takeaway, no sulfur.

Notes of Stone fruit, herbal tea, and chamomile.

zero zero wine

12.5% abv

Social Justice and Environmental Restoration Statement
We work with farmers who prioritize stewardship and regeneration of the land in the vineyard, operating with organic and biodynamic practices and a respect for all life that goes into the success of their farming — from the organisms that comprise the biome of the soil to the people who care for the vines and harvest the fruit."

Size: 750 ml