Mad Irene 2023


Mad Irene is the fun exciting sister of Mad Maxine aka where the future of wine is going!
Mad Irene is a dry table wine co-fermented with 90% Brianna grapes, a rare white hybrid grape and 10% St. Croix grapes, a rare red hybrid grape.

Mad Irene looks like a red wine, smells like a white wine, and tastes deliciously expressive with both red and white grapes complementing each other in such an elegant and refreshing way with low tannins...the best of both worlds in one bottle.

In October 2023, this fruit was handpicked together from Buffalo Creek Vineyard in Nevada, the only commercial organic-farmed vineyard in Nevada. The fruit was foot-crushed,
co-fermented together, punched down every other day (for more color extraction). Once Mad Irene fermented dry with no residual sugar left, she was directly pressed into neutral French oak barrels.

She was racked clean off the lees and blended in tank before bottling. Unfiltered. Unfined. No sulfur added.

3 barrels made.