Maiden Voyage California Single Malt


Maiden Voyage California Single Malt is a uniquely local single malt. The bottle you’re holding started with Metcalfe barley grown at Schaupp Farms in Esparto, CA. It was then malted at Admiral Maltings in Alameda, one of only a handful of traditional floor maltings in the US. Fermented and distilled on the grain at Sutherland Distilling Company in Livermore, it was stored for almost three years in a used bourbon barrel before it was bottled and transferred to their warehouse in Berkeley. Maiden Voyage is a singular expression of the San Francisco Bay watershed.

Bottled at cask strength (65% ABV), Maiden Voyage has a honeyed oak nose and underlying young stonefruit brandy notes, a midweight mouthfeel, and a honey and vanilla palate that dries to a long, spicy finish with suggestions of menthol and clove.

65% abv

Size: 750 ml