Peppercorn Gin


Dissident spirits has been producing gin, vodka, rum, and amaros in Marina Bay for just over a year. Founders Oliver Gothe and Adrian Willey's spirits offer a unique taste experience, combining classic favorites with complex and interesting new twists. They focus on smoothness and cleanliness to bring out the best in their products, creating spirits that are as enjoyable to savor as they are thoughtfully crafted.

Peppercorn Gin is a celebration of peppercorns from around the world. Beautifully balanced and delicate, it has a flavor profile of pepper, citrus, and coriander, subtly sweetened and complemented by hints of honeysuckle and juniper. Handcrafted for exceptional smoothness, it is our head distiller's favorite. Enjoy it on the rocks for best results.

45% abv

Size: 750 ml