Pijoan Árbol De Fuego 2022


Vinos Pijoan is a small family company established in 2002, at the beginning of the Mexican wine boom, dedicated to creating authentic wine with heart and integrity. Vinos Pijoan was started by Pau Pijoan, a Mexican veterinary researcher by trade with Catalonian roots. Without boasting about being an oenologist, his long career as a scientist laid the groundwork for a disciplined and methodical study in the art of winemaking.

Natural wine blend of Zinfandel/Grenache + Colombard. A daily, summery wine with bright acidity. Thirst-quenching wine. Bottled unfiltered, made with spontaneous fermentation, no additives.

A delicious summer wine with notes of peach, stone fruit, yeast and a little lime.

12% abv

Size: 750 ml