Pretzel Candy Bar


HEY CHAMP makes chef crafted candy bars with the highest quality ingredients. Each bar is hand-made, hand-cut and, of course, hand-dipped in 66% dark milk chocolate. one might even call them... grown up candy bars. When the hi-brow meets the low-brow, everyone wins.

This candy bar is a pretzel shortbread with salted caramel and dark milk chocolate. Salty pretzels paired with soft caramel - the dream combo - enrobbed in dark milk chocolate :)

Contains: Milk and Wheat chocolate (cacao bean, cane sugar, cocoa butter), butter, wheat flour, sugar (granulated) , corn syrup, milk, cream, pretzel (wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, butter flavor, corn syrup, yeast), sugar (powdered), cocoa butter, salt, cornstarch, coconut oil.

Size: Single