Song Cai Spiced Roselle Gin


The Central Highlands of Việt Nam is well-known for its red basalt forest soils. This fertile earth, rich in iron from long silent volcanoes, nourishes a vast array of plant species.

Inspired by Vietnamese traditional fruit liqueurs, this ruby-colored Spiced Roselle is reminiscent of the red soils and the textiles used by the people of the Central Highland forests.

Sông Cái is distilled in small batches, with care, in direct-fired copper pot stills, bringing captivating flavors to life.

On the nose: Cinnamon, dried blood plum and cherry, hint of anise, pepper and ginger.

On the palate: Full bodied, soft tannins, subtle acidity and sweet berry warm spices.  Dried fruits, gentle fleeting wood, spices and root on the finish.

32.5% abv

Size: 750 ml