The Hakuto is a Japanese gin crafted by the Kurayoshi Distillery with primarily Japanese botanicals. Nine locally sourced botanicals include Nashi, a variety of Japanese pear, along with cherry blossom, yuzu, Gyokuro green tea, sansho peppercorn, coriander seed, orange peel, black pepper, and juniper berry. The botanicals are macerated in neutral spirit before being distilled in an alembic pot still.
Wet pine bough and cherry blossom on the nose lead to a structured mid-palate of pink and sansho peppercorns softened by underripe pear flesh
40% abv

Hakuto means white rabbit and refers to a local Tottori Prefecture myth titled Hare of Inaba. Whereas London Dry Gin is defined by its Juniper backbone, Hakuto leans into a distinctly Japanese profile based around Nashi, a variety of Japanese pear. Perfect for a Gin & Tonic or in a bracing, Japanese style Dry Martini.

Size: 700 ml