The SG Shochu Kome


Shingo Gokan is renowned for his innovative bar concepts and cocktail creations. His precision-focused Japanese training combined with his worldly travels have shaped the hospitality and creativity of his SG Group.

KOME plays incredibly well with virtually any fruit. Citrus oils in particular add a defining clarity to KOME cocktails, while flavors of fresh herbs, root vegetables, and leafy greens also meld seamlessly. In cocktail pairings, KOME works beautifully with cold dishes, elevating their freshness and leaning into the flavors to follow.

On the nose: apple, pineapple, lemon peel. Light bodied palate with a crisp, smooth finish

40% abv

Try it in a Vesper!

1.5 oz The SG Shochu Kome

.25 oz Cocchi Americano 

2 dash St. George Absinthe 

Lemon Peel

*Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and stir with ice until combined. Strain and serve up

Size: 750 ml