This mezcal is made from 100% wild agave. These species can be semi-cultivated, yet its optimal development happens on the hills, among the trees. Much respect is given to this varietal's natural growth and production of this unique mezcal is limited in order to prevent an unbalance in its habitat. This varietal takes between 18 and 22 years to mature.

Aromas: Light spice, humidity, mineral.

Tasting notes: Citrus and clove, creamy, herbal, floral with a fruity finish.

48.1% abv

Some words from the producers: "TR3S TIEMPOS is a family cooperative that has surged from a lesson of life. Our goal is to democratize the resources obtained by mezcal to prevent intermediaries from forgetting the origin and essence of this agave spirit, which can affect producers and consumers. The goal of TR3S TIEMPOS is authenticity. Within five generations, we have honored the spirit of our ancestors by traditionally distilling and allowing nature to indicate and decide the exact times during the process. We take pride in the aromas and excellent taste of our mezcal; quantity is irrelevant."

Size: 750 ml