Unicorn is a legendary ear of corn that is highly desirable but difficult to find or obtain. Our Latin is a little rusty but we’re pretty sure uni means single and corn means delicious grain you can’t live without. What started as one magical (uni)corn cob, has turned into a herd of grits with a strong floral aroma and taste. MARSH HEN MILL brings this pink corn with its creamy texture to kitchens worldwide. These grits are particularly creamy and smooth. They are certified organic.

✨ Magic Trick:  add a little acid, like lemon or lime juice ad the pink color will become more pronounced 

Marsh Hen Mill is a family-owned and operated farm,  grains are grown naturally and milled slowly to preserve their nuances, and every batch is freshly-made and full of wholesome goodness. With a commitment to the land and heirloom crops, you can trust the quality and freshness in every bag.