We've curated a line up of of beautiful liqueurs and aromatized wines are just perfect for summer spritzing and cocktailing!

What we're pouring: 

Lillet Blanc

Bonal Gentiane-Quina

Centerbe- Faccia Brutto

Sirene Bitter

Brucato Chaparral -Brucato Amaro

Accompani Crimson Snap


June 28, 2024


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Abstinence Tasting


June 29, 2024


Join us for a special tasting event that celebrates the world of alcohol-free beverages. We will be featuring Abstinence Spirits, a South African brand known for their exceptional alcohol-free spirits and aperitifs.

Suncliffe Gin Tasting

Saturday, June 29, 2024


Curiously complex and aromatic, Suncliffe's juniper berries are shaken from the twisted trees of Sedona - a slice of high desert beloved by mystics and adventurers - then sun-dried in a landscape marked by energy vortexes, soaring cliffs, and the endless Arizona sky.