You're invited to an exclusive tasting event featuring Pekut & Carwick Independent Bottlers, located in Berkeley, CA. At this gathering, you'll have the chance to sample their meticulously curated distilled spirits, all made using products sourced from all over the state of California. 

What sets Nate Darling and his team apart is their profound commitment not only to crafting exceptional libations but also to principles of open communication, transparency, responsible supply chain ethics, and sustainability. They believe that the journey behind each bottle is as important as the spirit it contains, and this is reflected in their dedication to ethical practices and environmental responsibility.

During this tasting event, you'll have a chance to sample the All Wheat CA Wheat Whiskey, Maiden Voyage California Single Malt and the Prunus Mume Umeshu Liqueur.

Saturday October 28, 2023

12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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