Clairin Vaval Rum


Distillery Arawaks was built after the second war by father, Danois Vaval in the southern village of Cavaillon. Today Fritz has 20 hectares of the sugarcane variety called Madame Meuze, grown naturally without the addition of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

The cane is cut by machete and transported by mule to be pressed in a small mill. Wild fermentation lasts around 5 days without adding water or artificial substances. The distillate is made in a unique pot still that is very different from any other because Fritz built it himself.

His still is unusual in that it is powered by steam, produced by a steam engine of an old locomotive train, powered fueled by burning bagasse. Two distillations are done per day, each lasting around 10 hours and coming off the still at 45% to 55% ABV.

The photo features Fritz Vaval who runs the Distillerie Arawaks, which has been owned by his family since 1947.

Fritz owns 20 hectares of land planted with the Madame Meuze cane variety, cultivated naturally, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Clairin Vaval is produced from pure sugar cane juice fermented naturally with wild yeasts and distilled on a small pot still that Fritz made himself, powered by the steam engine of an old locomotive.

Clairin Vaval tastes of its region, with aromatics of salty sea air, beach sand, and rich botanicals.

Clairin 49,3% alc./vol. 70cl

Profile: Fresh and balanced.

Nose: Heady and pulpy. Olive, brine, fresh papaya, mango, wet slate.

Palate: Smooth and flavorful. Green banana, anise, salt air, raw root vegetable, ripe plums.

Finish: Wide and gentle. Rich coastal air, beachy minerals.


Size: 750 ml

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