Ak Zanj 8 Year Haitian Dark Rum



Created by one of the direct decendants of the Barbancourt family, Herbert Barbancourt Linge crafts these rums with a similar minded philosophy as his French ancestors of Cognac and his perfumier father Rudolf Linge. 

Ak Zanj, from Haitian Creole, translates to "With Angels" and is a nod to the evaporated spirit stolen by thirsty angels.

Distilled in a 60+ year old Creole Column still and aged exclusively in limousine oak this 100% pure juice rum is produced almost exclusively from a low yield varietal named Madame Mueze. The cane is hand-harvested by machete, using only the pure sugarcane juice for fermentation with no sugar or color being added. No chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides are using in the farming process.

Tasting notes: Rich & delicious notes of butterscotch & caramel finishing totally dry with hints of plum.

43% abv


Size: 750 ml

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