Bobby's Shiedam Dry Gin


Grandfather Jacobus 'Bobby' Alfons, the inspiration and namesake of Bobby's Gin, was well known for skillfully infusing Dutch jenever (the malty cousin of gin) with his Pinang Raci spice blend, which reminded him of home: Nake on the Moluccan 'spice island' Ambon. This recipe is the core and foundation of Bobby's Gin.

Bobby's grandsons discovered their Grandfather's Pinang Raci recipe with the help of their aunt Betty and traveled to the juniper-soaked city of Schiedam to meet master distiller Ad van der Lee at the Herman Jansen Dsitillery. Together they developed a contemporary and exciting dry gin, by balancing Bobby Alfons' spice blend with Schiedam's botanical jenever heritage.

Bobby's Gin has resulted in an exquisite blend of Indonesian and Dutch botanicals, capturing the spirit, heritage, and tradition from the East and the West, in a celebration of what a dry gin can be. A traditional Indonesian Ikat weaving pattern is screen printed on the grey and brown-smoked glass bottle.

42% abv

Size: 750 ml