Borroso Mezcal Espadin


Borroso Mezcal was started by sisters Maria and Claudia Turrent in order to share their love for the ancestral traditions of the spirit. The name Borroso, which means “blurred”, represents the surreal experience of drinking mezcal, which can transport the consumer to a state of daydreaming. 

Each lot of Borroso is made in an artisanal way, at family owned palenques throughout Oaxaca. Borroso, located in Baja, has partnered with a small group of mezcaleros, each of which focuses on traditional fermentation and distillation of locally and sustainably sourced agave. It is of the upmost importance to each of these communities to maintain the bounty and gift of agave.

A citrus-driven nose of lemongrass, green papaya, palo santo, lime oil, and a hint of licorice root transitions to a high-toned palate bursting with sweet orange, ripe kiwi, grapefruit peel, and saltwater taffy with notes of orange blossom, yuca, and acai berry on a dry, faintly floral finish

49% abv

Size: 1L