Brickyard Cove Rum


Dissident spirits has been producing gin, vodka, rum, and amaros in Marina Bay for just over a year. Founders Oliver Gothe and Adrian Willey's spirits offer a unique taste experience, combining classic favorites with complex and interesting new twists. They focus on smoothness and cleanliness to bring out the best in their products, creating spirits that are as enjoyable to savor as they are thoughtfully crafted.

Brickyard cove rum is a modern interpretation of a timeless style, exceedingly clean fermentation and unique distillation methods that make this spirit unlike any other. The head distiller personally designed the one-of-a-kind still, and takes pride in his hands-on approach to crafting this spirit. This non-compromising approach to quality and precision helps us create a Caribbean-inspired rum that is both classic and wholly unique. Our standout spirits break the mold.

42% abv

Size: 750 ml