Brucato Amaro Chaparral


Brucato makes amaros using the product, botanicals, and flavors of California. Each expression of Brucato reflects the spirit of a specific California landscape.

California chaparral covers the foothills and mountain slopes along the coast. Characterized by manzanita, sage brush, and scrub oak, the grey-green rugged hills explode with wildflowers in the spring.  

Brucato Chaparral’s dominant ingredients are yerba santa (a California native herb with a distinct bittersweet flavor, highly revered by apothecaries for its medicinal properties), spearmint, and cardamom. 

Warm, bright herbal flavor, with a long-lasting mint and anise finish.

Brucato amaros are delicious served neat or on ice, mixed with soda, sparkling wine, or both, or in a cocktail. Use as an alternative to Yellow Chartreuse in a Last Word cocktail!

46% abv

Size: 750 ml