Brucato Amaro Woodlands


Brucato makes amaros using the product, botanicals, and flavors of California. Each expression of Brucato reflects the spirit of a specific California landscape.

The live oak woodlands that line the California coast fill with fog in the mornings and dappled sunlight in the afternoon. The canopy provides shade for huckleberries and hawthorn, and protection for blossoming elderberries.

Brucato Woodlands’ dominant ingredients are elderberry, cocoa nibs, black fig, and citrus.

Tasting notes: all dark fruits and berries, with a distinctly chocolaty undertone, and a woodsy bitterness at the finish.

Brucato amaros are delicious served neat or on ice, mixed with soda, sparkling wine, or both, or in a cocktail. Try this in a Black Manhattan!

21% abv

Size: 750 ml