Camazotz Oaxacan Rum


Camazotz is a raw sugar cane rum produced in Oaxaca, Mexico. Maestro Leoncio Gaspar grows the sugarcane without pesticides then presses it by hand with a mule-drawn press. Open fermenting with wild airborne yeasts and spent cane, the juice is distilled in a copper alembic still. It is then carried up a mountain and bottled un-aged, with no additional ingredients. Camazotz is expressive, making for a unique daiquiri.

Nose: Clear glass with terroir aromas.

Palate: Mildly sweet, grassy and woody tones.

Long saline finish. Similar to Agricole & Cachaca rums, expressing raw sugar cane. True to Oaxacan aguardiente heritage.

48% abv

Size: 750 ml

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