Snow Chrysanthemum


Snow Chrysanthemum is a hardy, nutritionally dense varietal of Chrysanthemum which spends nearly half of its life buried under snow in China’s Kunlun Mountain area. This adaptation causes its flavor to depart substantially from the powdery delicacy of regular Chrysanthemum, and it instead presents a luxuriously warm, enveloping, and verdant tea.


The ferment utilizes honey to express the dense, floral character of this tea, and develops notes of starfruit, shaved asparagus and pollen as it ages. In body and acidity, it resembles a juicy orange wine.

: Snow Chrysanthemum Flowers

Other ingredients: Filtered water, Kombucha Starter, Sugar

Pairs with: Dim sum, tiger salad, carnitas, or anything that wants a bit of acid to complement its heaviness.

* Best served with a good chill*

Size: 750 ml