Cruz De Fuego Cirial Mezcal


Cruz de Fuego is produced employing only traditional methods; there are no automated processes used in production. Agave is cooked in conical earthen ovens, then milled using a stone tahona and fermented in wooden vats (“tinas”). Distilled twice using copper pot stills, the mezcal is true to the terroir of its raw ingredients and its place of production in a lasting and spiritual way.

Maestra mezcalera Margarita Blas and her son used only older examples of the tall Agave Karwinskii subspecies known as Cirial to make this unique batch. While most Karwinskii reach maturity somewhere between 12 and 18 years, the agave employed here range from 18 to 22. Dense with mature sugar and fiber and a complexity that speaks to its age, this mezcal offers fascinating structure. A contemplative journey from bold fruit to dry heat, with a deep earthy finish.

Hot cocoa on the nose; the palate is graceful and light on its feet with pink peppercorn, jasmine, and herbs; light but pronounced smoke gives a mature backbone to the notes of cacao and the finish is salty and earthy.

48.8% abv (abv may vary batch to batch)

Size: 750 ml

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