Fred Jerbis Fernet


Frederico __ of Fred Jerbis is devoted to showcasing the Fruiulian terroir (Jerbis being the word for herbs in this Italian dialect) through freshly foraged and organically grown herbs and botanicals from the region. He considers himself an alchemist, spending much of his time experimenting with distillation and steeping techniques to get perfect flavor extracted from every ingredient.

His Fernet 25 comes form a single chestnut barrel made without dyes/colorings and very little sugar. Twenty-five different Italian botanicals are used including mint, saffron, chamomile, licorice, savory, orange, rhubarb and of course, gentian. The nose is super fresh, a burst of spearmint and tarragon, followed by toasty chestnut and  nutmeg imparted by the barrel aging. The palate is well balanced and rich without being too viscous, and a nice burst of citrus from the orange peel keeps it lifted.

34% abv

Size: 750 ml