Gotha Menegiks Gin


Gotha Spiriti Nobili is the creation of Ergin Allko, a bartender and bar proprietor who emigrated from Albania to Italy when he was 18 years old to study in the university town of Bologna. At the time of Gotha’s launch Ergin had also lived in Italy for 18 years, and his spirits are very much influenced by his connection to both.

‘Menegiks’ is the phonetic spelling of the Albanian word for peppermint, Menexhik. The base of the gin is distilled caper berries and neutral grain spirit infused with caper berries.  Other botanicals include juniper (from the mountains of Bosnia), peppermint, lime zest, and samphire/sea fennel.  This is all proofed down with sea water.  Tastes of olive, raw oysters and herbs with mint and citrus on the finish.