Produced with unique and partly secret methods that have remained unchanged since the 18th century, this 8 year old rum is the flagship of the range, perfectly embodying the aromatic complexity and versatility that Hampden Estate is known for, making it a great allrounder for both sipping and mixing. It represents the quintessential expression of the Hampden Estate style.

The rum has been aged for 8 years in Jamaica in a tropical climate, which is equivalent to almost 25 years of maturation in the European climate.

The nose is voluptuous and intense, with notes of caramelized apple and sweet spices mixed with a delicate touch of smokiness. Notes of ripe banana, allspice, dried orange zest, baked apple. 

On the palate: Persistent and pleasant notes of ginger, vanilla, dark chocolate and coffee bean, resin and praline.

46% abv

Size: 750 ml