Home Base Single Malt


Home Base Single Malt is a unique Californian spirit capturing the terroir of the West Coast. It is made from 100% estate malted barley and aged in ex-Home Base Bourbon barrels to let the grain flavor shine.

It is recommended to enjoy neat, over ice, or in a favorite Scotchy cocktail to experience the earthy, grassy nose with flavor notes of maple, cream soda, caramel, and honey nut.

SINGLE MALT BATCH 8 - Released Novemnber 2023. 5.5 years aged in ex-Home Base Bourbon casks. 

100% barley grown and malted at Mecca Grade Estate Malt in Madras, OR. Distilled, Barreled 01/18 in CA at Sutherland Distilling, Livermore, CA. Aged in Oakland and Berkeley, CA at Home Base Spirits

Tasting Notes: nose: earthy, grassy; flavor: maple, cream soda, caramel, honey nut

46% abv

Size: 750 ml