Little Sumo Junmai Genshu Sake


Like the Japan's Sumo tournaments, Little Sumo Junmai Genshu Sake offers a bold, complex flavor. With 18% abv - undiluted and undaunted - this sake is a force to be reckoned with. Delightfully balanced between sweet and dry, its flavor is enriched with tantalizing notes of fruit and nuttiness. Enjoy its unique aromas of melon and plum, its rich, inviting texture, and its pleasing flavors of Asian pear, banana, and almonds. Refreshing and smooth, Little Sumo Junmai Genshu Sake is an unexpected delight you'll never forget!

Food Pairing: Yakitori, Korean BBQ, fatty sashimi.

Best served chilled, 45-50°F.

18% abv

Size: 200 ml