Macurichos Mezcal Espadin Destilado Con Cacao


Led by maestro mezcalero Gonzalo Martinez, Mezcal Macurichos works to preserve the agave-based cultural traditions and agricultural heritage of Santiago Matatlán. Supporting their local community, the family grows their own diverse agave fields from seed and reforests wild populations, applying organic farming practices with respect.

This 100% Espadín spirit is earth oven-roasted, milled using a stone tahona, fermented in wooden vats, distilled with a traditional clay pot still, and enriched with fresh Oaxacan cacao. With a deep and robust aroma of hot cocoa, this spirit surprises—light and graceful, displaying pink peppercorn, jasmine, and herbs on the mid-palate and finishing with pronounced smoke, salty and earthy notes.

52% abv

Size: 750 ml

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