Morro Mezcal Espadin


Morro is a small, independent brand with shared ownership between Oaxacan and Californian families on both sides of the border. They make traditional heritage quality mezcal, hand crafted by Juan Lopez Oliveira in small lots at their single palenque in the Yautepec region of Oaxaca.

Cooked with mesquite and quebracho hardwoods in a conical earthen oven, hand ground with an axe and then passed through a wood chipper. Open air fermantation, and distilled in small 350L copper stills. The land is the source of everything they do. Along with allocating resources back into the palenque and taking care of their production family, they have begun micro-initiatives on their land including agave biodiversification, regenerative farming practices and wild agave reforestation.

Notes of fresh lime, white cheddar, life savers, and salinity.

45% abv

Size: 200 ml

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