Roots Divino Non Alc Aperitif Blanco


ROOTS DIVINO are non-alcoholic aperitifs based on wine (di vino). The halo shape on the label symbolizes the “divine” effect of enjoying a drinking occasion without the alcohol. We first produce a mediterranean vermouth by infusing & macerating wormwood, rosemary, gentian & other greek herbs into sweetened wine. The vermouth is then dealcoholized with a reverse osmosis process, similar to the wine dealcoholization process.

Going back to the roots of ancient herbal remedies, we rediscover rosemary, thyme & wormwood in a fresh & sour contemporary "bianco" aperitif.

ROOTS aperitifs are handcrafted based on age-old remedies and the 100% natural, native ingredients of Greece.

Enjoy on ice with tonic & a lemon slice, in a non-alcoholic spritz.

0% abv

Size: 700 ml